Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: Blow Me by Lennie Ross

Title: Blow Me
Author: Lennie Ross
Genre/Age: Chick lit, adult
Publication: 2011
Source: For review, Chick Lit Plus Tours

Summary: Blow Me follows the lives of three single women friends living in LA. They are all close to forty and unfulfilled in their lives. Skylar, or Skye, just lost her job and accidentally set fire to her apartment. Now she's living out of her car, showering at the gym, eating free snacks at hotel bars, and getting money from guys when she's lucky. Dawn works as a matchmaker at a company for rich older men, has just been set up by her pushy mother with a great guy, and has been talked into freezing embryos by her doctor, since time keeps on ticking and she's not getting any younger. Chloe is an aspiring actress and real estate agent with a French Canadian accent who falls in love with every other guy, and has yet to sell a house, or land any real acting gigs. None of the women are truly satisfied or fulfilled with their lives in any aspect - career, love, children. Together, they will manuever through LA's dating scene and try to find happiness in their lives.

My Thoughts: There's something oh so appealing about reading chick lit in which single women are searching for love. I love reading about the crazy dates and antics experienced by women on their quest for the perfect man. And wow, were these girls and their antics CRAZY! Skye goes on a $5,000 shopping spree with Brent, then sleeps with him, only to find out he's married. Chloe vies for attention from a man who loves his dogs more than her. And Dawn, well... her man just may be the one. I thought it was a lot of fun reading about life in LA, and just how unglamorous it really can be to those who are living on the opposite side of rich.

I was slightly disappointed by the friendship between the three women in this novel, though. It seemed quite superficial and I did not see a true friendship "chemistry." A lot of the story itself is actually superficial as well, and the women were pretty out of control and immature. I felt like I was reading about 20-somethings instead of 40-somethings a lot of the time. Who knows, though? There probably really are women like this, especially living in LA.

I thought this book was fun and light, though I would have enjoyed it better if the friendships were developed into something more real, and the superficiality was down played a bit more too. While the story isn't something memorable, it's pretty entertaining. I will definitely NOT hesitate to read future books by Lennie Ross.

Please note, some parts of the story were a bit raunchy or more mature, though not overly graphic, so I would recommend this to readers 17 and up.

My Rating: 3/5


  1. This book does sound a little silly which I do love sometimes but yes, I agree, you at least want the women to have some redeeming qualities!

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    Looking forward to your review. Mine will be posted on August 25.


  3. Haha, what a title! Definitely catches your attention. This one sounds fun!

  4. I like your review Steph and will actually be referencing it in my interview with Lennie Ross tomorrow evening at 10:00 PM EST on the PI Window on Business on Blog Talk Radio

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  6. NEW FOLLOWER...can't find the blog tour post...I will look around.

    Neat site...I stopped by the other day.

  7. I don't read a lot of chick lit but must agree that it is fun to read especially when the characters are searching for love. This sounds like a fun read. Thanks for sharing about it!

  8. I was surprised to see that these women were in their 40s; I agree it would have seemed more appropriate if they had been 20-something. I think this is one chick lit read that I will probably pass on -- between the raunchy scenes and the superficiality. Thanks for your honest thoughts :)

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  10. You know, I know a lot of women how have superficial relationships with other women. Genuine friendships are hard to come by. :(

    But yes, I love reading about adventures in dating too. Very appealing.